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Though Emilie had intended to make Clara talk, it was Clara, in fact, who questioned Emilie; she had meant to judge her, and she was judged by her; she was constantly provoked to find that she had betrayed her own character in some reply which Clara had extracted from her, while her modest and candid manner prohibited any suspicion of perfidy. There was a moment when Mademoiselle de Fontaine seemed sorry for an ill-judged sally against the commonalty to which Clara had led her. Mademoiselle, said the sweet child, I have heard so much of you from Maximilien that I had the bridget moynahan oops celebs desire to know you, out of affection for him; but is not a wish to know you a wish to love you. My dear Clara, I feared I might have displeased you by speaking thus of people who are not of noble birth. Oh, be quite easy. bridget moynahan oops celebs sort of discussion is pointless in these days. As for me, it does not affect me.
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